Jessica Roebuck-Slaney

Jessica Roebuck-Slaney@NHS from 23/07/18 to 27/07/18

Twitter: @jdrs1090

Job title: Wellbeing Lead – Senior Management Team

Place of work: Talk Wandsworth – IAPT Talking Therapies

Hello! My Name is Jessica and I am the Wellbeing Lead and one of the Managers within the Senior Management Team for Talk Wandsworth; an IAPT Talking Therapies service in the London Borough of Wandsworth. I’m passionate about communities and making NHS services accessible and adaptable, maximising on social capital and learning from community experts. Co-Production of interventions, workshops, groups and therapies is the cornerstone of the work my team and I undertake and deliver across the borough. Every day is different in the most fantastic way and each day I go home having learnt something new!

I am a Neuroscientist by background and have also studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Lincoln. Passionate about women in STEM. I have further training in Psychosocial Interventions and Health and Wellbeing Coaching alongside management training from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I have a special interest in Alzheimer’s and have done research into the effects of music as a non-pharmacological intervention for aggression and agitation in dementia patients. I was privileged to present this research at a Dementia conference in 2015 and am hopeful the opportunity for me to be more involved in research will present itself again further along in my career!

Alongside my professional’s interests I am also an avid vinyl collector, I love music. Soul, Mod, Funk and Punk. Most people that know me think I was born in the wrong era. I have a lot of love for the ‘60’s & 70’s. Any spare time I have I spend volunteering for World Animal Protection. I am an active environmentalist, vegetarian and am hugely concerned about animal rights. Pet parent to Zero the Springer Spaniel, Roo the Tabby cat and Eddie the Herman’s tortoise!