Jim Blair

Jim Blair@NHS from 26/03/18 to 30/03/18

Twitter: @jimgblair

Condition: Consultant Nurse Learning Disabilities and Associate Professor Learning Disabilities

Place of treatment: 3 days a week at Great Ormond Street Hospital and other days of the week Kingston and St George’s Universities plus I work for NHS England and CQC as a Specialist Clinical Advisor

Jim is currently a Consultant Nurse Intellectual (Learning) Disabilities at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, Associate Professor Intellectual (Learning) Disabilities at Kingston University and St Georges’ University of London and Clinical Advisor Learning Disabilities NHS Healthy London Partnership as well as Clinical Advisor Learning Disabilities NHS England. He is also the Health Advisor at the British Institute of Learning Disabilities and the Learning Disability Advisor to the Sates of Jersey.

Jim advocates for the health rights of people with learning disabilities through his clinical work, researching, publishing papers, presenting at national and international events and leading and setting up different award winning innovative projects and multidisciplinary groups to improve the health of people with learning disabilities and their families. People with a learning disability and their families are the experts and play a vital role in planning, developing, delivering and evaluating services as well as teaching professionals how to improve care provision.

From 2008-2013 Jim was Consultant Nurse Learning Disabilities at St.George’s Hospital in London ensuring safe lawful timely care was delivered in partnership with people with learning disabilities.

Between 2006 and 2009 Jim was President of the Royal Society of Medicine’s council for the Forum on Intellectual Disability. From 2011-2013 Jim was Vice Chairman of Special Olympics Great Britain. Jim is an Expert Advisor to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, an advisor for the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group and is on the editorial board of www.intellectualdisability.info. Jim is also a Specialist Clinical Advisor to the Care Quality Commission.