Laura Buckley

@NHS curator from Monday 24 February to Friday 28 February 2020

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I am a Primary Care Network Pharmacist

I also run a blog called ‘Mum Does Drugs’


About me

My name is Laura, I’m first and foremost a mum to two boys aged 6 and 3. My husband is a community pharmacist with a PhD and I work as a pharmacist in a Primary Care Network in Hull. I am incredibly passionate about the pharmacy sector, spending a lot of my time blogging about the challenges the sector faces and spreading the word about the hard work we in pharmacy do.

I have endometriosis, a condition I have not allowed to hold me back. It took me seven years to be diagnosed with this and at the point of being diagnosed, I was at university studying to be a pharmacist. My husband and I, though we were not married at the time, decided to start our family early as a consequence of my diagnosis and I had my eldest son in my third year of university, sitting my exams whilst he was just a few weeks old. When I was in my pre-registration year, we decided to grow our family again and I sat my qualifying exam at seven months pregnant.

My passion for pharmacy and frustrations for our sector influenced me to start my own blog about it and, consequently, I sometimes go by the name ‘Mum Does Drugs’ as you’ll find me on Facebook. I educate the public about the importance of our role, share stories about my life as a mum and generally have fun supporting my colleagues in healthcare.

Pharmacy is fantastic. I love my job and I hope one day the public will love pharmacy just as much as I do.

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