Laura Flaherty

@NHS from 20/01/20 to 24/01/20

Twitter Handle: @lauraflaherty86

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff: Patient/volunteer

Condition or job title: Retail manager, Amazon Aquatics

I am 33 and a busy mum of two, my children are 9 and 5 and I also work full time as a retail manager, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 29 after a routine smear, I hadn’t had any symptoms. The diagnosis came as a huge shock to myself and those around me, now that I am cancer free I work with the Jos cervical cancer trust raising awareness and encouraging and supporting women to attend their screening, and also through a diagnosis. Raising awareness is a huge passion of mine, through Jo’s I have worked on a road show speaking to women on the streets, I have spoken and held information stands in gp surgeries and places of work and I have also appeared on various media platforms telling my story to hopefully encourage women to book their smear test. I keep myself incredibly busy with this, along with my day job and being a mum. In what spare time I have left I also run a toddler group and I am vice chair of governors at school.


I am very chatty but equally a very good listener which is why I love what I do with Jo’s and helping women. Cancer can be an incredibly lonely place and also going for screening can be so hard for some women, I understand and give the support they need.