Laura Ramsay

Laura Ramsay@NHS from 06/09/18 to 07/09/18

I am now the Lead Nurse for Recipient Coordinators at NHSBT after five years in post in an acute Trust as a Liver Transplant Coordinator.  I loved the hands-on nature of my previous role, but it is not a job I could have done for much longer given the frequent 24 hour working and mounting pressures of an acute inner city hospital. So, I took the leap to represent my kind within ODT.  It has been a drastic change for me, from the reduced patient contact, to frequent national travel and lone working, but I have learnt some extremely valuable skills, work with some extraordinarily knowledgeable people and feel especially privileged to represent such a vital group of nurses within organ transplantation.

My first year in post has involved meeting as many recipient transplant coordinators as possible, and I am on track with my target to meet all 37 teams within my first year, so not bad going! Once that initial face to face meeting has taken place, Recipient Coordinators seem to be more engaged with me and the joint agendas we need to discuss, so it has been time well spent.

Key projects since coming into post have included improving donor family and transplant recipient communications, developing relations between Recipient Coordinators and Specialist Nurses, as well as leading an Improvement Event to refine the role of the Recipient Coordinator within the Solid Organ Advisory Groups to name just a few.  I hope to do a piece of work considering the national picture of Recipient Transplant Coordination to understand the structure of the different teams that exist up and down the country.   I feel this will allow examples of good and best practice to be shared amongst transplant centres, as well as facts and figures relating to staffing levels/resources and working patterns, to add strength to our niche workforce by having oversight of how they compare to their peers.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with many colleagues across the ODT Directorate so would be very happy to offer the Recipient Coordinator perspective on matters where it is needed, either from my own personal experience, or by offering input via the Recipient Coordinator network I am developing.