Liz Anderson

@NHS from 31/12/18 to 04/01/18

Twitter Handle: .@nutritionlizA

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff: Staff

Condition or job title: Nutrition nurse specialist

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust

I have been an adult nutrition nurse specialist at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust for 11 years now. Prior to that I was a ward sister on an acute stroke unit. I began nursing when I was 18 and have now been qualified for 33 years, working in most specialities.

When people ask me what a nutrition nurse specialist does my answer is this “dietitians work out what goes in, we work out how to get it in!”

My role is to ensure that all patients in my organisation have the correct nutrition via the correct route safely and to their comfort. This involves both clinical and education work as well as developing policies and guidelines. It encompasses all types of nutrition: oral, enteral (which is all about tube feeding into the gut) and parenteral (which is highly specialised nutrition feeding into the vein). I work with all members of the multi-disciplinary team in promoting excellence and safety in nutritional care.  However, I also believe that patients are central to any decision about their care and firmly believe in the saying “no decision about me without me”.

I have recently stepped down from being the Chair of the National Nurses Nutrition Group but am honoured to now sit on the Executive Committee of the British Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN), where my role is that of Patient Experience Officer. I am passionate about what I do and feel privileged to work in an organisation that takes nutrition and hydration so seriously. No matter how good the treatment, the therapy or the medication is, we cannot heal without adequate nutrition and a lot of my role is around ensuring this happens for patients.

When I am not enthusing about all things nutrition, I love spending time with my husband Chris and cat Sebastian. Gardening and cooking are my other great passions.

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