Louise Robertson, staff

@NHS from 26/06/17 to 30/06/17

Twitter Handle: @louisedietitian
Job title: Specialist Dietitian in Inherited Metabolic Disorders (Adults)
Place of work: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

I am a Specialist Dietitian working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. I have been qualified 15 years after graduating with a BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Surrey.

I have had experience working in various specialities including medical, surgical, gastroenterology, oncology, renal, burns and intensive care. I have been a specialist Dietitian in Inherited Metabolic Disorders (IMD) for the last 9 years after helping to start the adult service in 2008. IMD is an extremely interesting area of dietetics where many of the treatments for the disorders are diet or include dietary manipulation. I have a keen interest in Phenylketonuria (treated with a low phenylalanine diet) and Galactosaemia (treated with a low galactose diet) in adults. I am a member of the medical advisory panel for the Galactosaemia Support Group in the UK and on the committee for the dietitians group of the British Inherited Metabolic Disorders Group.

I love my job as a dietitian, seeing the positive steps people take with their diets to help their health and wellbeing or providing essential nutrition as part of their treatment and helping them on their road to stability or recovery. I am hoping to highlight the work of dietitians in a hospital based NHS setting where we work mainly with disease related conditions and to show the importance of good nutrition or specific therapeutic nutrition in the recovery and long term health of patients.

Out of work I have 2 little girls – 6 and 4 years who keep me busy. I enjoy playing my cello in a local orchestra and run a nutrition blog called Dietitian’s Life!

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