Maggie Edmondson

Maggie Edmondson@NHS from 01/01/18 to 05/01/18  

Twitter: @magsedmondson

Job title: Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor, Quit Squad

Place care or work: Predominately Central Lancashire (Chorley, Preston & South Ribble) however the Service delivers across the Lancashire County Council Commissioning footprint

I am a Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust Quit Squad. I am a mum of two – Rosie, 19, who is studying graphic design at Leeds Beckett University (you may see some of her work in my tweets), and Hal, 15. I live in Lancashire with my partner of 30 years, Nick, who is a software product manager, and have worked for the NHS for 14 years, always in some capacity within a service providing support to those who want help stopping smoking or with nicotine addiction.

For over 30 years, I have also been a fitness instructor.

I smoked in my teens and early 20s. A lot of my smoking was triggered by who I was with and I know I used it as a confidence ‘crutch’ when mixing with people. I don’t remember making a conscious decision to stop and truly believe if my partner had been a smoker I would have continued.

I consider myself to be a healthy person but in 2016, I was advised that I was pre-diabetic. This came as a bit of a shock really as I try and eat a balanced diet daily and exercise weekly. However, my BMI puts me in the overweight category due to my age, height and weight. As I have a family history of diabetes, I am considered at risk of also becoming diabetic so it was suggested I lose weight and change my eating habits slightly. So it was time to practice what I preach about behaviour change … and yes, 12 months on I am struggling with it and haven’t lost the weight!

I enjoy reading, music, gigs, yoga and collecting seaglass and am a committee member for the Skofic 7s rugby tournament, a charitable event held annually at Tarleton Rugby Club.

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