Mary Adeturinmo

@NHS from 08/04/19 to 12/04/19

Twitter handle: @ProfeshPatient

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Patient & NHS Staff

Condition or job title: Sickle Cell Anaemia- Events and Outreach Officer (Job)

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Whittington Hospital, UCLH, Moorefield Eye Hospital- NHS Blood and Transplant (Job)

My name is Mary Adeturinmo and I am a Sickle Cell Warrior.  I was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia before I was born. Growing up my health was fairly stable but from my second year of university (while studying Architecture), my health started to drastically deteriorate. Sickle Cell Anaemia can manifest itself in many different ways, affecting everyone in many different ways. In my case, I ended up having a severe complex chronic pain condition and sickle retinopathy.

Due to these challenges, I had to take a career break from Architecture to focus on my health to receive the treatment I needed. This allowed me to do voluntary ad hoc work with the NHS Blood & Transplant.  I joined the BPositive Choir to raise awareness for the need for more blood donors from the BAME community.  I’ve also had the privilege to be interviewed on national platforms/ events such as Commonwealth Service and BBC Channel 5  as well as take part in live billboard campaigns all while attempting to manage my health.

After many years of medical treatment, hospital appointments and admissions, I believe I am a seasoned professional hence the alias “ProfessionalPatient25/ ProfeshPatient”

Now my aim is to utilise the skills and knowledge I have gained working in healthcare to inspire architectural design.

Overall, I try to remind myself and others that even with a debilitating health condition you can still set goals and aim to achieve your dreams. As a patient, we sometimes lose sight of this. Well I know I did. lool 😛

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