Matt Inada-Kim

Matt Inada Kim@NHS from 07/11/18 to 11/05/18

Twitter: @mattinadakim

Job title: Consultant Acute Physician

Place of work: Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

I am an Acute Medicine consultant on a 50 bedded Acute Medical unit and patient/carer who has used/worked for the NHS for the whole of my life. I am also Clinical Lead for Sepsis/Deterioration for Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative and National Clinical Advisor on Sepsis and Deterioration.

I was a Harkness Fellow at the Commonwealth Fund and have travelled and studied other countries health systems; and come away with the strong belief that the NHS is the best and fairest healthcare system in the world. Every day I see incredible examples of what NHS staff do for patients and the difference they make, and this strengthens my resolve to help make the system as a whole- more effective, more efficient and as safe as possible.

The first three patients that died under my care, succumbed to sepsis which led to my career long interest in improving the awareness, recognition and treatment of patients with this condition. I believe that if we are to improve our outcomes in sepsis then we need all cause deterioration pathways need to be created to ensure that sepsis is considered in all sick patients and that it is noted, that not all deteriorations are due to sepsis.

I have addressed this:

  1. Epidemiologically (measuring the numbers affected and outcomes)
  2. Researching the best methods for its early detection
  3. Through Teaching and developing materials/guidance
  4. By influencing Local, Regional and National Policy across all healthcare settings to develop a collaborative, simple, standardised and pragmatic approach to ensuring the best outcomes.
  5. Balancing these views to ensure that the threats posed by other causes of deterioration and by antimicrobial resistance are equally prioritised.

My partner is a nurse and we have 3 boys (who all keep me well grounded).

I enjoy cooking and play acoustic guitar.

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