Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster@NHS from 12/03/18 to 16/03/18

Job title: Head of Adult Audiology

Place of work: Leeds Teaching Hospital

I am a Clinical Scientist in Audiology.  I love my job.  It’s a patient facing profession where we look after people with a hearing loss from birth and throughout adulthood.  I worked at the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield for 13 years.  I have recently moved to Leeds Teaching Hospital to run the Adult Audiology Department. I love being able to help people.  Hearing is essential to maintaining healthy relationships its part of everyday life.

My passion is to raise awareness of hearing and its connection with communication but also to remove the stigma and barriers associated with hearing loss.  I am board member of the British Academy of Audiology for publication and communication.  I am also 2017/18 Chief Scientific Office Wise Fellow.  I am also on the NICE tinnitus committee. My hobbies outside of work are my family, friends, and cooking.

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