Nadia Tavernier-Gustave

Nadia Tavernier-Gustave@NHS from 17/09/18 to 21/09/18

Twitter: @nads2012

Job title: Ward Manager

Place of work: St Mary’s Hospital Lillian Holland Ward

My name is Nadia Tavernier-Gustave, I am a 29 year old Gynaecology Ward Manager at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington who is slightly addicted to shopping and my 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son!

I have been a Ward Manager for 3 years July just gone and have absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! Being a leader can be so very rewarding but has its challenges, but nothing is perfect!

I have been a qualified nurse for 8 years! Can’t believe how quick it has gone!

I studied at the University of Wolverhampton, wanted a break from London and I definitely got that in the Midlands!

I have a massive passion for staff appreciate and recognition! I believe as a leader that if you support and recognise your staff that they will value their work and provide the upmost care for their patients.

I have completed multiple projects to aid in the recognition of my staff on the ward and would love to share my ideas with everyone!