Natasha Wilson, patient

Natasha Wilson@NHS from 02/10/17 to 06/10/17  

Twitter Handle: @N_Wilson94

Patient:  Patient with experience of working within the NHS

Condition or Job title: Arthrogryposis, I’m currently working as assistant wellbeing coordinator for Age UK Sheffield.

Place of treatment/care or work: Sheffield NHS Foundation Trust and Sheffield Childrens Hospital, I work at Age UK Sheffield’s Wellbeing Centre.

I was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis which affects all four of my limbs and subsequently means I use an electric wheelchair at all times. The condition means that my joints are fused, mostly at a 90 degree angle and the muscles in my arms and legs are weak. I have a macabre sense of humour which has made life with a disability an incredibly positive experience, pushing myself to experience fantastic things and live a wonderful life. I love travelling and have been to a variety of places including The Maldives, India, Africa, St Lucia, Dubai and most recently Las Vegas. I’m also a pretty typical 23 year old woman who enjoys going out with friends at weekends and taking care of my appearance.

My main passion in life is dementia care, and I live and breathe it each and every day. I currently work for Age UK Sheffield with people with dementia and truly love my job. I have just completed a Master’s degree at The University of Sheffield in Dementia Studies which has been one of the best times of my life despite the lack of work/life balance! In the past I have had experience as a student working with people with dementia in an NHS setting and have seen dementia care at its finest. It is my hope to use my skills and experience to improve dementia services on a national level in the future.

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