Nishma Sharma

Nishma Sharma@NHS from 25/06/18 to 29/06/18


Job title: Dentist

Place of work: Hertfordshire

I am a chatty, committed and happy dentist who puts patients’ minds and hearts at ease with the power of conversation! I am a mother of two living in a small market town with a strong sense of community. I write regularly; anything from short stories and poetry to dental health articles. I am an avid reader of all genres and have travelled around the world. Pub quizzes, am-dram, riddles, rollercoasters and bungee-jumping are a few of my most favourite things!

I believe the stereotypes of dentists being old white males in butchers overalls with a slightly macabre edge needs to be replaced by the reality of highly intelligent, friendly, gentle, health-care professionals delivering high quality pain-free services as best as we can under the pressures we are under.

Dentistry is an ever-changing field and one which is not given the time it deserves. I believe strongly that everyone has a right to access dental services and that by targeting children through education and preventative programmes, we can ensure the next generation have happy healthy smiles to be proud of with teeth that will outlast them as should be the case, rather than the other way round.

My day to day varies as I hold many different job titles; I work as a dentist 3 days a week; as a Clinical Fellow in policy, strategy and implementation for the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, England 2 days a week and in performance management and providing clinical opinions for NHS England 1 day a week.

I also manage to slot in being super-mummy, event organising at the school PTA, pilates, yoga and bungee-aerobics classes, being a house-manager and socialising with our many and varied friends when I can!

I love life, laughter and welcome the opportunity to share a week with our patients proving we are not that scary after all!