Ollie Hart

Ollie Hart@NHS from 04/06/18 to 08/06/18

Twitter: @olliehart7

Job title: GP

Place of work: Sloan Medical Centre, Sheffield

I am a GP partner in a large inner city practice, where I work 3 full days. I am very involved in our local neighbourhood model. The other 2 days of my working week I am clinical lead for person centred care, and  lead for physical activity for NHS Sheffield. I’m a strong believer in partnership working be it with patients or colleagues, both within healthcare and the wider supporters of health and wellbeing. Sheffield has a fantastic physical activity initiative called Move More. I am one of the exec members, and have enjoyed seeing the city fully get behind this.

I have a special interest in health coaching, and how we can tailor this to different levels of patient activation. I am director of a company that delivers training in this area, and I apply this to my every day practice.

I have a voluntary role as a national health and wellbeing ambassador for parkrun. So 9am on a Saturday is pretty regularly spent in our local park.

Personally I enjoy getting muddy in the peak district, in fell shoes or on mountain bike. I’ve been known to do the odd triathlon, but really I don’t take it too seriously (well some would argue!). I am out numbered by girls in my family with 2 almost teenage girls. They hen peck me, but I love it!

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