Rachel Oyoo

Rachel Oyoo@NHS from 01/10/18 to 05/10/18

Twitter: @RachelOyoo

Mother of a sepsis survivor

Place of child’s treatment: Luton

My name is Rachel Oyoo and my daughter Rosie developed sepsis as a complication of chicken pox which resulted in septic shock in May 2015. She was very unwell and unfortunately her initial symptoms were missed which resulted in Rosie fighting for her life in Paediatric Intensive Care. She was almost 3 years old. Following Rosie’s illness, I have been passionate about improving public awareness of sepsis as well as helping to make changes across local NHS services in their recognition of sepsis. I have three children – Mabel, Rosie and Marley and I am married to Vincent. We all live together in Luton. I work for the NHS as a Speech and Language Therapist.