Rachel Rowlands, staff

Rachel Rowlands@NHS from 25/09/17 to 29/09/17

Job title: Paediatric Emergency Consultant

Place of work: Leicester Royal Infirmary

Twitter handle: @rachrwlnds

#HelloMyNameIs Rachel Rowlands and I’m a Paediatric Emergency Consultant at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

I’m looking forward to telling you a bit about what we do in the children’s ED and hopefully giving you some top tips to avoid having to come and ever meet me in person!

I’ve been a consultant for nearly 5 years and graduated from Bristol Medical school back in 1999. I stayed in the southwest until I became a Paediatric registrar and I moved to the Midlands. Having always loved acute medicine and the variety that the Emergency department provides it was a natural choice for me to go into Paediatric Emergency medicine.

Travel plays a big part in my life – I love my holidays, preferably with sailing or skiing, although these days more often in my VW campervan. I was lucky as a child to live in a few different countries (and my accent continues to confuse people). I have managed to combine this love of travel with work and starting with a Gap year before uni and an inspiring elective in South Africa, I have gone on to work on both coasts of Australia during my medical training.

My day job in the ED keeps me fairly busy but I have a few areas of special interest that I hope to share with you this week. I’m also really looking forward to showing you fabulous new department that we moved into this year.

Outside of work I’m mum to a 10 year old boy ‘Mr T’ who keeps me on my toes. It’s just been him and I since he was fairly little but in 2016 we welcomed my fiancé, Steve, to our lives along with his kids Mr B and Miss P. My life has changed dramatically as I’ve gone from a single working mum to a modern family manager juggling 3 kids, a partner and a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy sharing some time with me this week – feel free to ask lots of questions- I can’t wait to show you all about #teamPED.

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