Rob Moore

@NHS from 23/12/19 to 27/12/19

Twitter Handle: @wmasrobmoore

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  NHS staff

Condition or job title: Paramedic/Clinical Team Mentor

Place of treatment/care or workplace: West Midlands Ambulance Service

I’m a paramedic based at an ambulance hub in Birmingham, where I’ve worked for six years now. Alongside my day-to-day paramedic duties of responding on an ambulance to 999 calls, I also mentor student paramedics and other staff, and undertake clinical supervision with all grades of ambulance staff.

I initially joined the ambulance service in 2013 as a student paramedic, but my journey into this career began at the age of 11 when I joined St John Ambulance as a cadet, initially because I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up! My time volunteering gave me a passion for being out and about, and inspired me to pursue a job in the ambulance service.

After training as an ambulance technician, I qualified as a paramedic in September 2015.

I have a huge passion for communication in all its forms, and social media plays a big part of that. My interest in using Twitter professionally has seen the creation of #BlueLightHappy, gathering gratitude for emergency services workers and sharing it with colleagues and the public alike. I’ve also been lucky enough to speak at conferences both in the UK and Europe about how my employer uses social media to communicate with the public it serves.

Outside of work, my two main loves are walking and music. I find both of these a great way to unwind and deal with some of the pressures my job entails.