Sarah Mayman, patient

Sarah Mayman@NHS from 13/03/17 to 17/03/17

Twitter Handle: @smayman

Condition: High risk neuroblastoma / PTSD and depression

Place of treatment: Leeds General Infirmary and Great Ormond Street

I live in Leeds with my husband, David, and our 2 children; Joseph who is 7 and Eve, 5.

I am a carer for Joseph as he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma in 2012. Joseph has Stage 4, High Risk disease. Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the nervous system which mostly affects children under 5. Joseph relapsed last year and, after the disease progressed during further treatment, is now taking part in a phase I clinical trial at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Joseph and Eve are extremely close and, as a result of Joseph’s diagnosis and treatment, Eve has decided that she wants to be a Paediatric Oncologist (and Olympic Gymnast) when she grows up. She and Joseph also enjoy climbing and swimming.

I am a Solicitor, specialising in Immigration and Asylum law. I work particularly with people who have encountered domestic abuse, having been a Director of a local women’s refuge.

During Joseph’s initial treatment, I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. I see a Psychologist regularly to help me with this and she also assists me in processing Joseph’s current treatment and prognosis.

I enjoy running and am involved with a charity called Woolly Hugs. We create blankets as a way of bringing comfort to people at difficult times in their lives, particularly children with experience of cancer treatment both in the UK and abroad.