Simone Gordon

@NHS from 25/03/19 to 29/03/19

Twitter handle: @simoneblessed

Patient/Carer or NHS Staff:  Student Nurse

Condition or job title: 3rd Year Adult Nursing Student

Place of treatment/care or workplace: Middlesex University/Whittington Hospital

Hello, my name is Simone Gordon, I’m 35 years old, a mother of two boys and I’m a 3rd year Adult Nursing Student at Middlesex University. Prior to starting this course, I did three years of Business studies and first level accounting. I am passionate about enhancing learning in practice, student experience, mentoring, inclusivity of ethnic minority groups and patient care.

Things I’m involved in:

– I volunteer to speak to new students on their induction day/orientation and help with skills sessions.

– I am a NursingNowEngland Ambassador and attended the launch event last year with staff from the Whittington Hospital, at the RCN Headquarters London.

– I am the Chair of SHEDIF (Student, Healthcare, Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity, Forum) at Middlesex University.

– A member of the STEP project (Strengthening Team-Based Education in Practice).

– Dementia Champion (Whittington Health).

– I have a ‘Changing Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery’ profile on the Whittington website.

– A member of the GPSN Nursing Network.

– The face of the new Curriculum Nursing document FOR Middlesex University.

– I was nominated and have been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Student Affairs’ 2019.

– I was also involved in a UCAS advertisement for the NHS to encourage students to choose Nursing as a profession.

Relevant links

@STEPMDX, @NursingNowEngland, @RCNLondon.