Susie Williams

Susie Williams@NHS from 10/04/18 to 10/04/18

Twitter: @susiewilliams_

Job title: NHS Youth Forum Member

Place of work: Frome Community Hospital & Medical Practice

#HelloMyNameIs Susie Williams, I’m eighteen years old and live in Frome, Somerset. I’m completing my A Levels this year in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and have a passion for science, anatomy, philosophy, humanities and photography, which is a grand mix of interests that keeps me very busy. I work part time as a receptionist, swimming teacher and lifeguard at a local swimming pool, which I absolutely love!

I am hoping to study Medicine at University in a few months and have been involved in the NHS since I started volunteering at community events and my local hospital in 2016, the same year I also became a member of the NHS Youth Forum. Since then I have been working on a local and national level to engage more young people in their health services and care, and founded the very first Youth Patient Participation Group (PPG) at my GP practice, made up of young people aged 14-19.

We create and develop links between the health services, community and nearby schools, through providing feedback to the GP practice about how they can improve quality of care for children and young people, running workshops on self care for school children, and doing college canteen takeover days to promote healthier and allergy-free eating, amongst many other projects.

Through my photography and graphic design skills I support local businesses with their media, marketing and social media. I’m part of swim team, love to travel, explore and I adore cooking. I am also an #iWill ambassador for youth social action and write articles about young people, current affairs and healthcare for various magazines and publications.