Talac Mahmud, GP

Dr Talac Mahmud@NHS from 16/01/17 to 20/01/17

Job title: General Practioner

Place of work: Firstcare Practice, Hounslow

I grew up in Birmingham and studied medicine at Kings College in London. I began work as a GP 17 years ago. I’ve been working at Firstcare, a large practice in Hounslow, for over 12 years and I love it. Over the years I’ve held lots of different roles in Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (Hounslow CCG). I currently chair a group of 10 practices in Hounslow, working together as a Federation. But my heart is with my patients and running clinics. I have a particular interest in minor surgery.

I’m also working at the moment to turn Firstcare into a training practice, as I’m keen to help train up keen new doctors and other healthcare professionals and also for the practice to start being involved in primary care research.

Hounslow CCG collaborates with eight other CCGs in North West London and this gives an opportunity to see how healthcare is provided at a larger scale.

As social media is such a huge and growing phenomenon at the moment, it’s an area which I think is vital to healthcare too. So I’m really pleased to have this opportunity to share a snapshot of my life with you through Twitter. Our practice is starting to use social media to share information and collaborate, so watch this space.

When I’m not at work my home life is pretty busy. With two very young boys – Sammy who’s nearly four and Zak who’s nearly two – home is fun but not really a place I go to for rest and relaxation! When I’m not wiping noses, I enjoy tennis, squash and spending time with my family.