YiWen Hon

@NHS from 27/07/18 to 31/08/18YiWen Hon

Twitter: @yiwen_h

Job title: Librarian

Place of work: Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

I am the librarian for The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, which, together with its academic partner the ICR, it is the largest and most comprehensive cancer centre in Europe. The Royal Marsden School also runs academic courses for nurses and allied health professionals wanting to specialise in cancer and palliative care, or advanced practice.

Our library might not match what might you think of immediately on hearing the word ‘library’! My role is to ensure that staff and students have access to high quality evidence, as well as the skills required to find, evaluate, and apply it in practice. I often conduct literature searches for clinical staff to find them the best research. This saves them valuable time and helps ensure that patient care and guidelines are all based on solid evidence – last year, I saved clinical staff at least 250 hours by doing searches for them!

I also do lots of training in searching for and evaluating high quality information, providing staff with the skills and knowledge to this for themselves. The Royal Marsden is a very research-intensive hospital, so I provide support for various research skills as well. We do have some books and quiet study spaces in our library, but most of the information is online now and it is my skills as a librarian which are the core of the library service.

I really enjoy my role as I feel like I am able to contribute positively to patient care, albeit in an indirect way. Every day is different and I like helping and getting to know staff from across the whole hospital. For the NHS to work efficiently and effectively, decisions should be based on the best available evidence, and that’s where librarians like me play an important role.

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