The Cancer Clinical Expert Groups

The work of the Cancer Programme is informed by a clinical steering group, chaired by Prof Chris Harrison, the National Clinical Director for Cancer

The steering group is made up of the chairs of Clinical Expert Groups (CEGs) for different types of cancer. The chairs and vice chairs of these CEGs are provided below.

Breast Cancer CEG

Chair – Professor Ian Smith, email
Vice Chair – Professor Chris Holcombe, email
Secretariat – Breast Cancer Now

Colorectal Cancer CRG

Chair – Michael Machesney, email
Co-Chair – John Griffith, email
Secretariat – Bowel Cancer UK

Lung Cancer CRG

Chair – Professor David Baldwin, email
Vice Chair – Professor Sam Janes, email
Secretariat – Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Skin Cancer CRG

Chair – Nick White, email
Deputy Chair – John Lear, email

Prostate Cancer CEG

Chair – Professor Hashim Ahmed, email
Vice Chair – Professor Freddie Hamdy, email
Secretariat – Prostate Cancer UK