Barbara Hakin

Moving on at pace – Barbara Hakin

Preparations for the new commissioning world continue at a great pace and life seems no less hectic. Much of my time over the past few weeks has been taken up interviewing for Commissioning Support Service Managing Directors.  The successful appointees were announced last week, and we are now into a second recruitment round, which will […]

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Landmark moment on the road to authorisation – Barbara Hakin

Last week we reached a real landmark moment in the journey towards developing CCGs and the new clinically-led commissioning system. As you will have heard, we now have proposed CCGs covering the whole of England. That means 212 groups of practices have chosen to come together to shape and commission services to deliver better care, […]

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Preparation for commissioning picks up pace – Barbara Hakin

The pace is picking up now in terms of establishing CCGs, with less than ten months left until the new system goes live in April 2013. Across the country, groups of practices have been coming together and identifying the shape and configuration of their CCG.  It is a fantastic achievement that these geographies are now […]

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