NHS England publishes interim commissioning policies for non-specialised services

NHS England has published nationally consistent commissioning policies as part of its role as a direct commissioner of some non-specialised services for the armed forces population.

The policies are interim only at this stage, and will be subject to full public consultation at a later date.

If you have any queries relating to the policies, or any other issue related armed forces commissioning, please contact your local regional team with Armed Forces commissioning responsibility.

CCG resources to achieve better outcomes

To enable CCGs to discharge their responsibilities to reservists, veterans and their families, and the families of serving personnel not registered with Defence Medical Service (DMS) GP practices; NHS England and its charity sector partners are available to support this key area of healthcare. Currently a number of resources are being scoped which will aid information and knowledge sharing;

Securing Excellence in Commissioning

Information and resources about health services for the armed forces and their families which will be commissioned by NHS England from April 2013.

Armed Forces IT

Armed Forces and their Families Commissioning Intentions

The Armed Forces commissioning intentions provide notice to healthcare providers and give information to other commissioners of healthcare services about changes and planned developments in the commissioning and delivery of services for the Armed Forces and their families registered with a Defence Medical Services (DMS) practice by NHS England. Together with planning guidance, the NHS contract, National Tariff system and CQUIN guidance they form a plan to be reflected in contracts, developments, service reviews and procurement opportunities for the two years from 2017/18 to 2018/19.

The prime purpose of these intentions is to enable healthcare providers to make early preparations, to engage with clinical leads and to make changes that benefit patients, with improved outcomes. These intentions should inform providers’ plans at all levels. These intentions also set out other planned changes related to the healthcare of the armed forces community that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will wish to be aware of.

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