Health and housing

NHS England and partners have developed a CCG Engagement Programme to:

  1. engage with CCGs to improve knowledge and understanding about how housing can impact and support health organisations achieve their outcomes;
  2. engage with CCGs to increase and support joint commissioning of housing services; and
  3. encourage the building of effective working relationships locally between health and housing.

The CCG Engagement Programme includes two key components – a Quick Guide and a series of webinars.

Quick Guide: Health and Housing

The Quick Guide: Health and Housing provides guidance to CCGs on the role housing can have to support improving health’s system and patient outcomes. It focuses on three key areas:

  1. How housing can help prevent people from being admitted to hospital;
  2. How housing can help people be discharged from hospital;
  3. How housing can support people to remain independent in the community.

The Quick Guide highlights practical examples of how CCGs can work with housing and signposts to additional key resources for further consideration.


A series of webinars will be presented from November 2016 to March 2017 and will be centred on 8 key areas of how housing can assist health. The webinars will be presented between two and three times.


Our partners in health and housing are developing a sequence of blogs. Please find below links to the published blogs.