Apply for delegated commissioning

NHS England is encouraging CCGs to apply for delegated commissioning of primary medical services. This is part of a wider strategy to support the development of place-based commissioning.

CCGs without delegated arrangements have the opportunity to apply for full delegation by 1 November 2019 via a short application process.

An application form is available, and CCGs are invited to contact NHS England with any queries.

The 2020/21 timetable is as follows:


1 November 2019

Closing date for CCG applications for full delegation

November – December 2019

Review of delegated applications by NHS England

January 2019

Outcomes of the approvals process communicated by NHS England to CCGs
NHS England issues the Delegation and Delegation Agreement to approved CCGs

January – March 2020

CCGs review and return the Delegation and Delegation Agreement

March 2020

Delegation and Delegation Agreements signed by NHS England

1 April 2020

Delegated commissioning commences by newly approved CCGs

For queries, CCGs should contact their local NHS England team in the first instance. Following that, queries can be emailed to the national co-commissioning team at: