Delegated commissioning of primary medical services

As of 1 April 2021, all clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have delegated commissioning arrangements for primary medical services.

Delegated commissioning provides CCGs with full responsibility for the commissioning of general practice services. NHS England retains responsibility for commissioning dental, optometry and community pharmacy services.

The delegated commissioning of primary medical services is part of a wider strategy to achieve our vision of integrated care by ensuring local health and care leaders take collective responsibility for system performance and the transformation of care, including general practice services.

The delegation of commissioning from NHS England to CCGs is part of a wider strategy to join up care and could lead to a number of benefits for patients and the public including:

  • Improved access to primary care and wider out-of-hospital services, with more services available closer to home
  • High quality out-of-hospital care
  • Improved health outcomes and reduced health inequalities
  • A better patient experience through more joined up services

Our case studies show how CCGs are using delegated commissioning to improve care.