Conflicts of interest

On 16 June 2017, NHS England published revised statutory guidance on managing conflicts of interest for CCGs.

To supplement the guidance, a best practice update has been developed to highlight areas where compliance with this guidance can be improved.

Conflicts of interest templates

To support with implementation of the statutory guidance, we have published a series of templates and toolkits. These templates are intended to be a helpful resource and can be adapted to individual CCG’s needs:

Conflicts of interest summary guides

We have developed a series of two-page summary guides to the revised statutory guidance on managing conflicts of interest for CCGs. The guides are role-specific and draw out the essentials different professional groups need to know about the revised guidance, including:

Conflict of interest case studies

We have developed a series of case studies to accompany the revised statutory guidance on managing conflicts of interest for CCGs.

The case studies are intended to raise awareness of the different types of conflicts of interest that could arise in CCGs and to support CCGs to robustly and effectively identify and manage them. We have included a new case study on managing conflicts of interest in the commissioning of new care models.

If you have any scenarios or examples you would like to share, please email: