Commissioner and stakeholder regional events

Four regional events took place during May 2015 in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

The objectives of the events were:

The breakdown of attendees at the events is as follows:

Clinicians CSU Healthwatch NHS England CCG FT University LA Other TOTAL
Leeds 2 1 2 3 8 4 0 1 8 29
Manchester 0 1 6 4 5 0 2 1 6 25
Birmingham 0 0 4 3 4 1 1 1 8 22
London 2 0 10 8 4 4 4 1 22 55
Total 4 2 22 18 21 9 7 4 44 131

A copy of the presentation can be seen here: Interpeting events presentation

In the presentation was a section on the potential demand for the new service both for BSL and Community Language interpretation.

The presentation showed the potential service demand for BSL uses both at a national and regional level.

The Community language data was taken from the ONS: Census 2011 data. The data uses two census tables: DC2210EWr and QS204EW and based on the top 40 English local authorities.

The first table gives the percentage of people who do not speak English well by main language. The second table gives the main language breakdown of the population in each LA and the % who do not speak English well overall in the LA. The percentages were multiplied from the first table by the numbers in each LA in the second table to generate the number of people whose main language was not English and who do not speak English well. These were then constrained to the overall reported percentages who do not speak well in the LA.

An expanded version of the demand data presentation can be found here: Demand data presentation

The workshop section of the event was used to consider the draft service Principles.

Primary Care Interpretation and Translation Service – provider organisation event

This event took place on: 1 July 2015, 9:30am to 16:00pm at King’s House Conference Centre, Manchester, M1 7HB

This daylong event highlighted the project work that has been carried out so far by commissioners and patient representative groups to inform the content of the draft Principles for the service. The event allowed an opportunity for potential provider organisations to discuss and feedback views that will be used to refine the draft service Principles.