Current legal directions

Formal powers of direction

NHS England is supported by legislation in exercising formal powers of direction if it is satisfied that a CCG is (a) failing or (b) is at risk of failing to discharge its functions. Formal intervention action would be proposed, as laid out in section 14Z21 of the NHS Act 2006 (as amended).

NHS England has governance arrangements in place, described in the CCG IAF operating manual, to ensure these powers are used consistently. Listed below are the current directions applied to CCGs.  CCG improvement is regularly monitored and when sufficient progress has been made, the removal or updating of the directions will be sought.  Once directions have been removed from a CCG, the directions document is removed from NHS England’s website.

Directions applied in 2018/19

Directions applied in 2017/18

Different use of directions 2017/18

Section 14Z21 of the NHS Act 2006 (as amended) also gives NHS England the power to direct a CCG to cease to perform any function for a period of time, specified in the directions, and to direct another CCG to perform the function.  Southwark CCG is supporting the improvement of acute commissioning at Greenwich CCG and Lewisham CCG by taking on the acute commissioning function from each CCG for a period of time.  In order to do this, legal directions have been applied to all three CCGs.  The enabling directions applied to Southwark CCG are available below.

Directions applied in 2016/17

Directions applied in 2015/16