CHD review 2013-15


NHS England, as the body responsible for commissioning specialised congenital heart services, undertook a national review of congenital heart services for children and adults

The review considered the whole lifetime pathway and its aims were:

  • securing the best outcomes for all patients, not just lowest mortality but reduced disability and an improved opportunity for survivors to lead better lives;
  • tackling variations so that services across the country consistently meet demanding performance standards and are able to offer resilient 24/7 care; and
  • improving patient experience, including how information is provided to patients and their families, and consideration of access and support for families when they have to be away from home.


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As part of commissioning Congenital Heart Disease services that meet the new standards NHS England working with NHS Providers asked current providers to consider how they might work together in order to meet the standards. The providers then provided submissions on how they might do this. This report is from the National Commissioning Panel who considered and assessed the submissions.