Other engagement, meetings and briefings

MPs and Peers

On 9 October 2013, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh and Michael Wilson attended the All Party Parliamentary Group (MPs and Peers) for Heart Disease to discuss the new CHD review. They provided a brief overview using slides, enclosed here. There were no minutes of the meeting but we took our own informal note. There was not enough time at the All Party Parliamentary Grou (APPG) to answer every question, so we wrote this letter to attendees to answer their outstanding queries.

On Wednesday 9 April 2014, Michael Wilson and Dr Mike Bewick – NHS England’s Deputy Medical Director, representing Professor Sir Bruce Keogh – met MPs and peers (members of the House of Lords) at the House of Commons to provide an update on the work of the review, and also to answer questions from those in attendance. A write-up of the meeting is available here.

Local authorities, overview and scrutiny committees and Healthwatch organisations

Royal College of Nursing

On 5 March 2015, Michael Wilson attended the Royal College of Nursing congenital heart disease nurses networking day.  Please find the slides presented on the day here.