Paediatric Critical Care and Specialised Surgery in Children Review

NHS England launched a national review into paediatric critical care and specialised surgery in children in October 2016. The review is considering paediatric critical care, specialised surgery in children, paediatric critical care transport and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Though there are distinct issues to address, there are also some common challenges and areas of overlap between the elements of the review.

The key drivers for the review are increasing pressure on services and variation in the care currently provided. The review aims to assure sustainable services that are fit for the future and reduce the variations of care that some children currently experience.

NHS England will continue engaging on a vision for paediatric critical care and specialised surgery in children during 2017.  The review terms of reference are available.

Expert panel

An Expert Stakeholder Panel has been set up to support and give advice to the review. The group meets regularly and the minutes of their meetings are available.

The Expert Stakeholder Panel terms of reference are also available.

Engagement opportunities

At the beginning of 2017, we carried out a number of engagement activities. The aim of these was so we could speak to a wide range of people and discuss the proposed scope of the review early on. Our engagement activity included a series of webinars and events for clinical and non- clinical teams and third sector organisations. We ran three webinars in January, targeted at different groups, with almost 200 people taking part. The presentations given during the webinars are available.

n March 2017 we held three engagement events for the paediatric critical care, specialised surgery in children and congenital heart disease communities. The aim of these events was to gain a broad spectrum of perspectives on the key issues facing paediatric critical care and specialised surgery in children; discuss potential solutions; and understand what opportunities exist in changing the service to reflect today’s climate. Almost 100 people took part in these engagement events and had the opportunity to comment on the review and discuss potential solutions.

Other key documents

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