Alternative seasonal COVID-19 vaccine

You may be able to get a seasonal COVID-19 vaccine  if you’re at increased risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

Who can get an alternative vaccine?

Eligible people who have had severe allergic reactions to more common vaccine types (mRNA vaccines) may be referred to a specialist clinic for additional observation and monitoring, or offered an alternative vaccine. This will be in rare cases for those with a previous history of immediate anaphylactic reactions.

Alternative vaccines are unlikely to be necessary for those with mild or common allergies following vaccination, such as a rash, wheezing or hives. If you have experienced mild or common allergies following vaccination, but you have previously tolerated an mRNA vaccine, you can continue to have the common types of vaccine.

How to find out if you need an alternative vaccine

If you are eligible for a seasonal COVID-19 vaccine, you can discuss your individual circumstances with a healthcare professional. They will make sure you are offered a vaccine that is suitable for you and explain any risks.

Your GP surgery or vaccination centre should refer you to a specialist clinic if an initial assessment suggests that this is appropriate for you.

Please be aware upon further clinical assessment, you may be advised that you can safely tolerate an mRNA vaccine. A referral does not guarantee that you will be offered an alternative vaccine.

Further information about the vaccines, including their ingredients and how to get them, is available on the website.

More information

You can find out about the ingredients in the vaccines currently available in the UK by reading this guide to the use of human and animal products in vaccines on