Join the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team

More opportunities to help save lives

COVID-19 continues to be the single greatest public health emergency in the history of the NHS.

But thanks to the remarkable success of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which has delivered close to 100 million doses in just a year, estimates suggest more than 120,000 lives have been saved in England alone.

This success has been possible thanks to a huge national effort by NHS staff, supported by tens of thousands of new vaccine staff and volunteers.

The NHS has been asked to offer all eligible adults over the age of 18 a booster vaccination by 31 December, as well as continuing the efforts to deliver first, second and third doses as people continue to take up the NHS’ evergreen offer

To achieve this, the NHS needs your help. We have reopened recruitment for approximately 10,000 paid and 40,000 volunteer roles across the country, to join existing vaccine teams in protecting those who need it.

The roles available are all flexible and range from vaccinators (paid and volunteer) and registered healthcare professionals to healthcare support workers, administrators and steward volunteers. Further details on the roles and routes available to take part are below. All roles provide full training with appropriate supervision. If you can help, please consider stepping forward.

This is your opportunity to join a team which is saving lives and helping the country return to normal life.

Paid roles

Legislation allows a wider group of staff to undertake training to deliver vaccines. This includes many allied health professionals, healthcare scientists and dental staff, as well as other individuals with appropriate first aid training, who are able to undertake additional comprehensive training; so opportunities for flexible, paid roles are open to a huge variety of people.

Volunteer roles

The NHS continues to partner with St John Ambulance and the Royal Voluntary Service, which runs the NHS Volunteer Responder programme, to help coordinate the training and deployment of thousands of volunteers who can help ensure the safe and smooth running of vaccination services.

Find out how you can help out by reviewing  the options below:

Recruitment and redeployment of existing NHS staff is being coordinated locally. Please look out for information from your employing organisation and your local system COVID-19 vaccination team.

If you are a registered clinician in a management role and would like to volunteer some of your time directly to the vaccination effort, please contact the HR team at your nearest NHS trust or your local COVID-19 vaccination team.

NHS Professionals, the flexible workforce provider for the NHS, is recruiting up to 10,000 people for paid roles across the nationwide network of COVID-19 vaccination services.

You can register your interest on the NHS Professionals website, and if accepted you will be asked to make a full application.

Please note: If you have previously applied and completed training for a vaccine team role through NHS Professionals, you will be contacted directly to ask if you are still interested in a position.

If you are a healthcare student (nursing, medical, pharmacy etc), former NHS colleague including retired clinicians and non-clinicians or a registered healthcare professional working outside the NHS you may have been contacted directly asking for your support once again, in this case please respond as requested. If you have not been contacted please complete the expression of interest to register your offer to help.

Some jobs will also be advertised by local NHS employers, so you may also want to keep an eye on NHS Jobs for roles in your area.

    1. St John Ambulance is currently working through its networks to mobilise and reengage existing vaccination volunteers. If you’re an existing volunteer, you will be contacted by the re-engagement programme or you can reach out to your volunteering lead. If you’re new to St John Ambulance you can find out more on the St John Ambulance website.
    2. NHS Volunteer Responders, a partnership between the NHS, Royal Voluntary Service and GoodSAM, is currently recruiting to up to 30,000 additional steward volunteer roles. Opportunities also remain available for members of the public who are able to support their neighbours and the NHS through a number of different roles – including food or medication deliveries, lifts to medical appointments or ‘check-in and chat’ phone calls. If you are interested in these roles you can find out more at the NHS Volunteer Responder website.
    3. Many local NHS services are also using their own volunteer schemes, and you can check their websites for details.

For further information please check the frequently asked questions.