Frequently asked questions

The Join the Vaccine team FAQs on this page are regularly updated which we hope provides the information you are looking for.

If having read the FAQs below and information on joining the team you still have a query in relation to joining the vaccine team you can email

NHS teams are busy so please only use this email for recruitment queries regarding joining the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team.

The mailbox is managed between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The latest NHS information and advice about COVID-19 is on

The NHS is currently not recruiting for paid roles to join the vaccination programme. However, if additional vaccinators are required in the future further information will be provided on this page.

Although at the moment, the NHS does not require additional clinical support, we are extremely grateful to all former clinicians who have previously offered or came back to help support the NHS in its COVID-19 efforts.

There may be a few reasons for an application to be rejected, including limited or no job openings in the area you applied for through the national recruitment campaign.

If you would still like to help you can check for locally advertised vaccination roles on NHS Jobs or consider other routes listed on this page.

All training for volunteers is overseen by their employing organisation.

St John Ambulance volunteers will need to complete the required training through their local NHS training hub.

Royal Voluntary Service/NHS Volunteer Responders steward volunteers are not required to complete statutory and mandatory training.

Everyone aged 12 and over is now eligible for and has been offered the primary course of vaccines. If you have not had your first or second doses yet, you can book these now at

All staff and volunteers in patient-facing roles fall under the eligibility criteria of health and social care staff, and this group is highly encouraged to get vaccinated, including their booster dose.

Everyone working in a vaccination service will be given and expected to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and follow other strict rules to keep themselves and patients safe.