Health and safety

At the time of writing, routine testing is not offered to staff. You can read more about the national guidance, which is regularly updated, here.

Personal Protective Equipment will be provided if required, in line with national guidance.

Given the increased risk of COVID-19 in those with co-morbidity and in the elderly population, we would of course advise against returning to face to face clinical work if you belong to this group. However, there are a range of opportunities for remote working roles that we are in need of support with.

If you become ill while working, you should immediately inform your line manager and withdraw from work. If you think you may be ill due to covid-19 you should follow national guidance in place at the time (likely to be self-isolation).

As soon as coronavirus is identified in staff, they will be withdrawn from work and national guidance will be followed.

If you decide to return to work, a risk assessment will be conducted locally and you are advised to avoid COVID-19 exposure, which could mean redeployment to a non-frontline role where remote working is possible.

People with chronic heart and lung disease have a higher risk of complications and higher mortality than the general population. We would not advise this group to return to directly face to face roles.