Primary care/performers list

Yes. If you are doctor a working in primary care, your name must be included on the List during the time defined by the Government as an emergency. If you’re a GP who has left the List in the preceding three years, NHS England will be contacting you to invite you to be re-included by filling in a short form. This contact will be via the last known email address or mailing address. If you do not hear from NHS England and you wish to offer your services, please email Once forms have been received, NHS England will confirm your inclusion on the List as an ERP.

Any primary care provider looking to secure your skills will need to see evidence of this as part of the governance arrangements that they will need to comply with. Your details will also be notified to Primary Care Support England who will be required to add your name to the List so that it will be available on the public facing List. Once the state of emergency has ended, NHS England will write to you to confirm that your name will be removed from the List and your name will no longer be shown on the public facing list.

Any GP that has successfully registered as an ERP can suspend their involvement in the I&R Scheme.

To do so, they should notify the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) via that they have registered as an emergency practitioner. The GPNRO will then put on hold any requirements in relation to the I&R Scheme.