Nurses and midwives

Wherever you can help, you’re needed

The COVID-19 pandemic means we are working in exceptional times, and we are looking for exceptional people to help our response.

We need skilled, experienced nurses and midwives to join us and offer their support in a variety of roles across health and care. Your expertise will be invaluable. Whether you can offer help in a clinical capacity or a more supportive function, we will welcome you back.

There are opportunities in a range of services and settings including hospitals, the community, in care homes, general practice, remote working through services such as NHS 111 and many other areas.

You will be matched dependent upon your skills, expertise and recent experience as well as individual preferences. Education, training and support will be provided. To find out more about what these roles might entail and what support is on offer, please see our Frequently asked questions section below.

Free support is also available to you as you return to work and has been designed to aid you in maintaining your physical and mental health and overall wellbeing.

For the different routes into practice, please check the next steps set out below.

Thank you.

I am..

A returning nurse or midwife applying for NMC temporary registration

There are two important steps for you to complete:

  1. Join the NMC’s Covid-19 temporary register: For those groups suitable to join the Nursing and Midwifery Council COVID-19 temporary register you will be contacted directly by the NMC directly with instructions about how to do so. If you haven’t received this, you can still sign up here. The NMC will then supply you with your temporary PIN and you will be added to the COVID-19 emergency NMC temporary register. Once you have signed up please proceed to step 2.
  2. Tell us where and how you want to work: Complete the nurses and midwives return to work survey to help us match your skills, expertise and experience to a role where they are most needed.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who has stepped forward to offer their support.

Your details will be carefully reviewed by those looking to match you to a role locally. You will be contacted to discuss options available to you and begin planning your return to work, including pre-employment and identification checks and any support you may need.

We endeavour to make sure this process happens as quickly as possible and aim for this to be within a week, however, should you want to speak to someone about where you are in the process please contact us at or

Already NMC registered and looking to offer support:

There are a number of options for you to offer your support depending on where you would like to work and your individual needs and expertise. We have listed a few here for you to consider:

Please note these routes only apply to England. Please click on the appropriate country for more information if you are based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you have a specific query or want to explore other roles, settings or services, please email us at or as appropriate.

A nursing or midwifery student

There are new arrangements which outline how second or third year nursing and midwifery students can support COVID-19 response work. This has been agreed by the Chief Nursing Officers for the four UK nations, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Council of Deans of Health, the Royal Colleges and trade unions and the UK Department of Health and Social Care. Find out more

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Questions you may be considering