Create a culture and leadership programme: phase 1 ‘discover’

A healthcare organisation’s culture – ‘the way we do things around here’ – shapes the behaviour of everyone in the organisation and so affects the quality of care that together they provide.


Phase 1 will help you diagnose your current culture using existing data, board, staff and stakeholder perceptions and knowledge, and workforce analysis. You will then be ready to target the right areas for your compassionate and inclusive leadership strategy.

Phase 1: Discover

Culture and leadership programme: Phase 1 Discover – Access diagnostic tools and supporting guidance for Phase 1 of the culture and leadership programme.


Culture and leadership programme: tools – A range of tools designed to support and help you get started.

Concepts and evidence

Culture and leadership programme: concepts and evidence – This document summarises the national and international research identifying the concepts associated with high quality care cultures.

Mini guides

Get started – If you are starting to consider undertaking work to change your culture, this guide is for you. It is a condensed version of the ‘getting started’ section of the Phase 1 toolkit.

Why is culture important – An overview of the importance of culture and leadership to NHS providers.