Driving Digital Maturity Programme

The Driving Digital Maturity Programme aims to ensure that the NHS is paper free at the point of care.

A paper-free NHS and care system enables professionals to access information at the point of care in a secure, timely and reliable manner. This supports effective decision-making to improve patient outcomes and delivers high quality care.

Going paperless at the point of care is a high priority as a continued dependence on paper records and duplicated error-prone manual processes makes care less efficient and risk patient safety. In addition significant efficiencies are not currently being achieved.

The key delivery components for 2016/17 of the programme are:

Digital Maturity Assessments

Our Digital Maturity Assessment and analysis will provide baseline digital maturity metrics (refreshed, audited and published annually) guiding the programme, footprint communities and providers on gaps in technology capabilities and provider readiness to utilise existing digital assets or new digital assets.

Local Digital Roadmaps

Local Digital Roadmaps will shape national policy and strategic investment through a detailed understanding of health economy plans to use digital technology to drive sustainability and transformation. Local Digital Roadmaps will provide the evidence base and justification to underpin new investment and increased optimisation of existing assets.

Transformation Support

The transformation support programme for Clinical Chief Information Officers (CCIOs) Chief Information Officers (CIOs), commissioners and providers, will enhance their capacity and capability in order to take full advantage of current and new digital opportunities. The first of these is delivery of the global digital exemplars.