Wachter Review

The Wachter Review outlined 10 recommendations to inform the English health and care system’s approach to the further implementation of IT in healthcare, especially the use of electronic health records and other digital tools to achieve a paper free system.

Professor Robert Wachter and the advisory board made the following 10 recommendations in the review which was published in September 2016:

  1. Carry out a thoughtful long-term national engagement strategy
  2. Appoint and give appropriate authority to a national Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO)
  3. Develop a workforce of trained clinician informaticians at the Trusts and give them appropriate resources and authority
  4. Strengthen and grow the CCIO field, others trained in clinical care and informatics and health IT professionals more generally
  5. Allocate the new national funding to help Trusts go digital and achieve maximum benefit from digitisation
  6. While some Trusts may need time to prepare to go digital, all Trusts should be largely digitised by 2023
  7. Link national funding to a viable local implementation/improvement plan
  8. Organise digital learning networks to support implementation and improvement
  9. Ensure interoperability as a core characteristic of the NHS digital ecosystem ­to support clinical care and to promote innovation and research
  10. A robust independent evaluation of the programme should be supported and acted upon

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In making recommendations, the board considered the following points:

  • The experiences of clinicians and Trust leadership teams in the planning, implementation and adoption of digital systems and standards;
  • The current capacity and capability of Trusts in understanding and commissioning of health IT systems and workflow/process changes;
  • The current experiences of a number of Trusts using different systems and at different points in the adoption lifecycle;
  • The impact and potential of digital systems on clinical workflows and on the relationship between patients and their clinicians and carers.

Evidence was gathered through a combination of available written evidence, meetings with senior figures in the health and care system, and site visits to Trusts with varied experience of implementing IT systems.

National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology

Members of the National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology in England:

  • Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD ­ Associate Professor, Schools of Information and of Public Health, University of Michigan
  • David Brailer, MD, PhD ­ CEO, Health Evolution Partners (current); First U.S. National Coordinator for Health IT (2004-6)
  • Sir David Dalton ­ CEO, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Dave deBronkart ­ Patient Advocate, known as e-Patient Dave
  • Mary Dixon-Woods, MSc, DPhil ­ Professor of Medical Sociology, University of Leicester, UK
  • Rollin (Terry) Fairbanks, MD, MS ­ Director, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare; Emergency Physician, MedStar Health (U.S.)
  • John Halamka, MD, MS ­ Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Professor, Harvard Medical School
  • Crispin Hebron ­ Learning Disability Consultant Nurse, NHS Gloucestershire
  • Tim Kelsey ­ Advisor to UK Government on Health IT
  • Richard Lilford, PhD, MB ­ Director, Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery, University of Warwick, UK
  • Christian Nohr, MSc, PhD ­ Professor, Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • Aziz Sheikh, MD, MSc ­ Professor of Primary Care Research and Development, University of Edinburgh
  • Christine Sinsky, MD ­ Vice-President of Professional Satisfaction, AMA; Primary Care Doctor, Dubuque, Iowa
  • Ann Slee, MSc, MRPharmS ­ ePrescribing Lead for Integrated Digital Care Record and Digital Medicines Strategy, NHS England
  • Lynda Thomas ­ CEO, MacMillan Cancer Support, UK
  • Robert Wachter, MD (Chair) ­ Professor and Interim Chairman, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
  • Wai Keong Wong, MD, PhD ­ Consultant Haematologist, University College
    London Hospitals; Inaugural Chair, CCIO Leaders Network Advisory Panel
  • Harpreet Sood, MBBS, MPH ­ Senior Fellow to the Chair and CEO, NHS
    England and GP Trainee

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