National Children and Adult Services Conference (NCASC) 2016, 2- 4 November, Manchester Central

Talk to NHS England on stand E24

Visit the NHS England stand to find out how NHS England is working to bring the vision of the Five Year Forward View to life and create a sustainable future for the NHS.

Talk to our experts

Integrated Personal Commissioning

Colleagues from the joint LGA and NHS England programme Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) will be on the stand on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 November, to share progress from the programme and the nine IPC demonstrator sites over 2015/16, and plans for expansion over the coming year. Launched in April 2015, the IPC programme supports the integration of health, social care and other services at the level of the individual. The programme aims to enable people, carers and families to blend and control the resources available to them across the system in order to ‘commission’ their own care through personalised care planning and personal budgets. The IPC Emerging Framework was published in May 2016 and copies will be available on the stand.

New care models

Various senior leaders and communication managers in the new care models programme team, will be available to talk about new models of care and the work of the new care model 50 vanguards.  Also available on the stand will be our vanguard brochure, which includes information about all 50 vanguards and their progress to date.  Feel free to come and visit the NHS England stand and learn more about our work.

Learning Disabilities

Representatives from the learning disability programme team will be talking about NHS England’s work to ensure that people with a learning disability and/ or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition, receive the right care in the right settings, with the right support.

We are working, along with partners, to deliver the three year national plan (‘Building the Right Support’) to transform care. This plan is about enabling people to live more independent lives, closer to home, with more say about the support they receive. This is as much about improving quality of life as quality of care.

Mental Health

Children and Young People Mental Health Transformation programme (CYPMH)

A cross-system programme to transform children and young people’s mental health services, making sure that by 2020 over 70,000 more children and young people are getting effective help when they need it.

Adult Mental Health (AMH) – Sarah Khan

The Adult MH programme aims to achieve a rebalanced, integrated system of care which prevents a greater number of people from requiring secondary and acute mental health care, and supports people to maintain recovery.

Older People’s Mental Health & Dementia (OPMH)

The programme is responsible for developing and supporting delivery of national clinical strategy and policy to improve outcomes for older people’s mental health and for people with dementia and their carers in England.

Increased Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

The IAPT programme looks to expand access to psychological therapies for people with common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression to enable 1.5m people a year to access treatment by 2020/21 – including integrated services for people with physical health problems.

Day 1: Wednesday 2 November

Team Team member
Personalisation and choice Pearl Carre (Programme Support Manager)
Jennifer Antwi (Business Manager)
Rich Watts (IPC Advisor)
New Care Models Antony Tiernan (Director – Engagement and Communications)
Trish Hamilton (Senior Strategic Account Manager)
Children and Young People’s Mental Health Frank McGhee (National Transformation Adviser)
Dr Steve Jones (Expert Advisor)
Polly Ashmore (Project Manager)
Adult Mental Health Sarah Holloway (Senior Programme Manager)
Old Peoples Mental Health Andy Armitage (Project Manager)
Learning disabilities Fiona McMillan-Shields (Head of Transformation Delivery)
Pol Toner (Head of Improvement and Enablement)

Day 2: Thursday 3 November

Team Team member
Personalisation and choice Keri Lewis (Communications and Network Manager)
Nic Gitsham (Senior IPC Advisor)
Nic Crosby (IPC Advisor)
New Care Models Peta Mylan (Communications Manager – vanguards)
Julia Grace (Senior Strategic Account Manager)
Children and Young People’s Mental Health Frank McGhee (National Transformation Adviser)
Sue Sylvester (Expert Advisor)
David Lockwood (Project Manager)
Jessica Sharp (Project Officer)
Learning disabilities Miranda Askew (Stakeholder Engagement Manager)

Day 3: Friday 4 November

Team Team member
New Care Models Peta Mylan
Trish Hamilton (Senior Strategic Account Manager)
Children and Young People’s Mental Health Frank McGhee (National Transformation Adviser)