Feature zones

Our feature zones are key building blocks of Health and Care Innovation Expo. They provide targeted focus and deep discussion of major NHS-led innovation and development, celebrating and sharing success as well as exploring issues and challenges.

All of the feature zones run programmes of speakers and activities from the mini-theatres in their areas throughout the two days, focused on learning, collaborating and networking. National leaders will lead talks and discussions, while pioneering local and regional leaders will be available for in-depth chats about their work.

Our Expo 2019 Feature Zones are:

Digital Transformation Zone

Chapter Five of the NHS Long Term Plan sets out a wide-ranging and funded programme to upgrade technology and digitally enabled care across the NHS. Over the next ten years these investments will result in an NHS where digital access to services is widespread. Where patients and their carers can better manage their health and condition. Where clinicians can access and interact with patient records and care plans wherever they are, with ready access to decision support and AI, and without the administrative hassle of today. Where predictive techniques support local Integrated Care Systems to plan and optimise care for their populations. And where secure linked clinical, genomic and other data support new medical breakthroughs and consistent quality of care. This zone will demonstrate best practice from around England, and explore how digital transformation is happening across the sector.

Primary Care and System Transformation Zone

At Expo 2019, the primary care and system transformation team will have a unified  presence showcasing the principles of integrated care at a system, place and neighbourhood level and the activities and responsibilities within each level. The Primary Care and System Transformation feature zone will set out the vision for primary care networks as the building blocks for successful integrated care systems. The zone will provide an opportunity to showcase good practice happening across the country as well as offering a primary vehicle to deliver some of our key messages around primary care policy and system development.

Personalised Care Zone

When the NHS was set up seventy years ago, the first choice patients were offered was which GP practice to register with, and that choice continues today. In the intervening seven decades, informed consent and changing social attitudes have significantly expanded the choices and control that people have over their own care – from maternity to end-of-life.
Advances in precision medicine also mean treatment itself will become increasingly tailored to individuals, and patients will be offered more personalised therapeutic options. But the NHS also needs a more fundamental shift in how we work alongside patients and individuals to deliver more person-centred care that really recognises the individual needs of patients. This feature zone will set out and explore the new partnerships and approaches that are achieving this.

People Zone

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out an ambitious vision for healthcare in England.  It recognises that our population is changing – there are more of us and we are ageing.

It’s clear that we will need more people working in health and social care to deliver this vision – more people working across different professions and roles, both in the NHS and in social care.

But more of the same will not be enough. Our patients and our staff tell us loud and clear that they need us to work differently if we are to create the NHS we all want to see.  The way we work needs to be more collaborative, more agile and flexible, more multidisciplinary. And together we need to face into the current workforce shortages honestly and urgently.

We need to make the NHS the best place to work so we can attract and retain the very best people. We need to make people, recruitment, retention and development a higher priority.  Focusing on our people, their working environment, career development and ways of working isn’t a nice to have: its critical to the success of the NHS as a whole.

The People Zone will focus on three main areas:

  • Making the NHS the best place to work – what really matters to staff working in the NHS – how can we make it better?
  • Leadership and culture – how can we equip leaders to create caring, compassionate cultures where people feel empowered?
  • 21st century care – how can we do things differently? Looking at different skills, working in different locations and across organisational boundaries, and what will the workforce of the future look like? How will we use technology?

Clinical Improvement Zone

The Clinical Improvement Zone will explore how the NHS Right Care and Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programmes are translating into big improvements for patients and more efficient services across all areas of the NHS. It will show how NHS commissioners are identifying and tackling health inequalities at local and regional level, and how providers are working with individual patients to focus on the things that matter most to them.

There will also be a look at how the programmes will support the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan, and how they will continue to develop their collaboration with social care and local government.

AHSN Network Innovation Exchange

The Innovator Zone, led by the Academic Health Science Networks, will return in 2019. Innovators from across England will demonstrate and discuss their products, with mini-theatre presentations throughout the day. To get involved in this zone, please e-mail the Expo team at england.expo@nhs.net and we will connect you with the national AHSN Network.