Innovator Zone

Spreading innovation, generating economic growth

Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 showcased some of the country’s most enterprising industry innovators – small and medium sized companies working at the very heart of health transformation to develop and spread cutting edge technology, systems and processes.

These pioneering companies were featured in the Innovator Zone, a collaboration with the country’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

Established by the NHS to drive transformation at pace and scale, AHSNs play a unique role in connecting industry with health and care sectors: accelerating the spread of proven innovations across large populations to both save money and improve outcomes for patients.

The only bodies that connect NHS and academic organisations, local authorities, the third sector and industry, AHSNs are the catalysts that create the right conditions to facilitate change across whole health and care economies.

Please find below a summary of the companies that exhibited in the Innovator Zone. You can find out more about the AHSNs by visiting

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KardiaTM by AliveCor, Inc is a highly effective mobile, handheld heart monitor that detects heart arrhythmias, including instantly highlighting atrial fibrillation in electrocardiograms. The device speeds up diagnosis and reduces outpatient appointments in secondary care. AliveCor is working with the Innovation Agency Oxford, Imperial College Health Partners, UCLPartners and North East and North Cumbria AHSNs.

Activ8rlives by Aseptika is a self-care and self-monitoring solution which tracks and analyses patients’ blood oxygen, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, body mass and lung function. It incorporates National Early Warning Scores and includes a remote management tool for clinical staff.

Bering Limited brings artificial intelligence to healthcare. The sophisticated AI platform allows CCGs to easily identify complex patients, prioritise comorbidity profiles, plan future care, and predict the impact of an intervention using an unbiased, datta-driven environment. Support from South West AHSN has facilitated adoption of this technology in Somerset.

Caradigm systems support the broad definition of population health, focusing not only on patients with complex needs and co-morbidities who generate demand on healthcare budgets and services, but also on the preventive and chronic care needs of every patient. Caradigm supports the key capabilities needed for effective population health management— data control, healthcare analytics, care coordination and management, and wellness and patient engagement.

Cydar is enabling physicians to access the latest digital technology every time they work. Cydar brings the diagnostic scan, the operative plan and the live imaging together in 3D, providing new insights to help improve patient outcomes. Support from the Health Innovation Network has enabled Cydar to realise opportunities as a start-up medical software company.

Digital Life Sciences transforms patient access through business change and enabling digital technologies. Using our own digital products we give patients same-day access to their clinicians via the web, smartphone, video consultation or telephone, allowing healthcare professionals to deal with increasing patient demand more efficiently whilst achieving a clear return on investment.

Docobo‘s technology enables clinicians and carers to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce costs. They provide medical-grade digital health solutions that fully support integrated care, business intelligence and remote home management of patients with long-term conditions.

DrDoctor online, smartphone and advanced text messaging make it easy for patients to manage their appointments and for hospitals to maximise and manage their capacity, in real time. Their NHS partners save over £1.2m per year, and it has resulted in improved referral to treatment time, increased attendance by over 15%, and reduced non-attendance by 30%.

Silhouette digital wound imaging from entechealth enables accurate 3-D images of ulcers to be captured at point of care and shared remotely. Being rolled out with support from the East Midlands AHSN, the technology enables routine treatment to be provided in community rather than acute settings – delivering care closer to patients’ homes and significantly reducing costs by cutting outpatient acute referrals.

Health Exchange CIC is a dynamic social enterprise that partners with the NHS, local authorities, universities, social enterprises, charities and commercial businesses with an interest in health and wellbeing. Founded to equip Birmingham residents with the tools and capabilities needed to achieve their health goals, the organisation now delivers services and trials technologies locally, nationally and internationally.

Helicon Health delivers digital healthcare to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of chronic disease.  Our unique, integrated package of services helps clinicians and patients collaborate effectively for better shared care, closer to home.  Our focus is on cardiovascular disease, starting with atrial fibrillation, stroke prevention and heart failure.

IBSL (UK) is conducting, with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, a unit dosing closed loop medicines management pilor project with the full support of East Midlands AHSN. Evaluation so far shows drug spend reduced by an average 15% and ward stock reduction of 40%.

Inotec AMD is a specialist company in wound care, formed specifically to introduce a new technology to healthcare professionals around the world and promote faster and better healing to patients.  Its NATROX device delivers a high concentration of pure oxygen to the skin to accelerate the healing process, and its compact, lightweight design makes it completely portable.

Isansys Lifecare makes Patient Status Engine, a real-time patient data capture analysis platform and medical device which is helping enable paperless wards. The second generation system, PSE2 , is one of the few viable technology solutions available in this area of innovation.

Mapmyhealth design and develop technology enabled care services (TECS) for healthcare providers and patients managing long-term conditions. One of the offered services is Mapmydiabetes®, the only NICE-endorsed online structured education and patient self-management system for patients with type 2 diabetes. Mapmyhealth are also one of the consortium partners in the Diabetes Digital Coach IoT Test Bed led by the West of England AHSN.

Mayden provides end-to-end managed web applications and bespoke system development. The products and services fall within four key areas: patient management, operational management, online service assessment and secure N3 hosting.

Med eTrax is an electronic patient observations solution, allowing for regular and accurate monitoring in multiple care settings and is also the core module for:

  • INR Buddy – an anticoagulation application
  • WHO’s Here! – a theatres personnel in attendance application
  • BioSensors – A range of non-invasive transdermal wireless sensors measuring bio-chemical markers.

MyMHealth is an IT based patient self-management tool and patient management tool system for COPD. MmyCOPD platform provides 24-hour self-management, education, expert advice and pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with COPD.

NeoTract produce Urolift, a new approach to treating benign prostatic hyperplasia that lifts and holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra. It is the only BPH procedure that does not require cutting, heating or removal of the prostate tissue, and is therefore a day-case intervention rather than a multi-day inpatient procedure.

PODFO by Peacocks Medical Group is the world’s first 3D printed foot orthotic and it was developed by Peacocks Medical Group to address a number of biomechanical anomalies. The unique nature of additive manufacturing methods allow them to create highly complex bespoke designs and manufacture them very easily.

The Noctura 400 Sleep Mask by PolyPhotonix is an innovative technology, which could be used to prevent and treat diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema. The Noctura Mask is currently being sold privately, and is seeking NICE approval for NHS use.

Red Ninja is a design-led R&D company who co-create digital health products with NHS, local authorities and care providers.  Experts in app development, sensor technology, electrical engineering, Internet of Things, Big Data, industrial design and facilitating open innovation processes. Have a passion for putting health care professional and patients at the centre of design process.

Simple Telehealth is a not-for-profit, NHS member organisation working with three Academic Health Science Networks (East Midlands, West Midlands, and North East and North Cumbria) to roll out the NHS-owned Florence (‘Flo’) clinical messaging system nationally. Interacting directly with patients, Flo motivates patients and improves adherence to shared healthcare management plans, allowing patients to take more active control of their care.

For over 20 years, SIMUL8 Corporation’s simulation software has transformed healthcare delivery. From emergency departments to operating rooms, whole system change and population health, SIMUL8 is used globally to solve healthcare problems. SIMUL8’s new bed capacity tool now delivers results in hours rather than weeks and is revolutionising bed capacity planning.

Slõ Drinks produce products for people who have dysphagia, a difficulty in swallowing. Their latest innovation, Slõ Milkshakes, is a world first: specifically designed at the right thickness to ease swallowing difficulties, whilst also providing a high calorie, nutritious supplement for people who struggle to otherwise meet their dietary needs.

The WAHSN has supported XIM by not only providing incremental investment to accelerate technical and commercial developments to the market sooner but has also made pivotal introductions to key influencers in the digital health industry. WAHSN are advocates of our brand Lifelight™ which provides a low cost and discreet way of monitoring and improving someone’s wellbeing through computer vision and machine learning.

Sheffield-based SME Zilico will demonstrate its ground-breaking ZedScan system, which offers quicker and more accurate detection of cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN), an early stage of cervical cancer. The system, which delivers results in real-time and enables clinicians to improve patient management within the cervical cancer pathway, is now recommended by NICE.