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Finland has reinvented itself in just one century. The nation’s character and Northern heritage has boosted the country to the top of all kinds of rankings from education to innovation. Finns have always been among the first to adapt new technology – from bicycles to computers. Finland’s game industry has drawn a boatload of well-deserved praise. Despite its tiny population of 5.5 million people, the country is arguably one of the global hotspots in the game industry. However, games are far from being the whole picture. Finland is engaged in becoming the digital hub of Northern Europe based on its know-how in digital healthcare, next-generation wireless networks and the industrial internet.

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Team Finland showcased an array of proven technologies from leading Finnish companies, each at the cutting edge of future health provision. The 20 companies, specialising in Digital Care, Diagnostics, Treatment and Examination and Patient Flow, demonstrated how their products and services directly improve patient experience, quality of care and financial efficiencies.

In addition, at their stand Team Finland hosted seminars by public health bodies presenting strengths and advancements in Finnish healthcare. They also hosted a special visit by Päivi Sillanaukee, Finland’s Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Website:   Twitter: @teamfinlandfi   #finlandhealth

Tekes_logo_profiilikuva w250 x h250Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland. It boosts wide-ranging innovation activities in research communities, industry and service sectors.

Tekes works with the top innovative companies and research units in Finland. Every year, Tekes finances some 1,500 business research and development projects, and almost 600 public research projects at universities, research institutes and universities of applied sciences. In the Team Finland network, Tekes offers innovation funding  and services to internationalising companies and supports efforts to attract foreign investment in Finland.

Website:     Twitter: @tekesfi

Finpro_uusi w250 x h156Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland. Finpro is a public organization consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Our almost 240 professionals work in 37 Trade Centers in 31 countries and 6 offices in Finland.

Team Finland Health is a joint public sector growth program that facilitates the internationalization and exporting efforts of Finnish health care companies and attracts investments into Finland. Team Finland Health is managed by Finpro and it is part of the larger Team Finland network with a particular emphasis on the health sector. Team Finland Health provides a common platform and methods for efficient marketing co-operation for all actors in the Finnish health care industry and serves as a forum for dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Website:     Twitter: @finprofi @finlandHealth

Buddyhealthcare_logo w250 x h150Buddy Healthcare is a Finnish startup focused on improving quality and patient experience of surgical care. Buddy Healthcare provides a care coordination and patient engagement platform that automates and monitors patients’ surgery preparation and recovery procedures. Buddy Surgery platform includes a mobile app for surgery patients and a web-tool for nurses. The platform engages, educates and monitors patients and automates clinical workflows. Buddy takes care that patients are ready for the surgery, tracks recovery, eliminates unnecessary hospital visits and enables caregivers to focus on the most urgent patients.

Website:     Twitter: @BuddyHealthcare

Contralclinics_logo w250 x h65ContrAl Clinics is a company specialized in treating addictions. We provide a unique treatment method for excessive drinking and alcoholism. The ContrAl Method is a structured combination of targeted medication (nalmefene or naltrexone) and cognitive-behavioural therapy and it doesn’t require total abstinence. 78% of our patients succeed in their goals in reducing their drinking. The method is scalable and suits well on telemed platforms. We are looking for licensing partners to expand the supply of the ContrAl Method in the UK. We want to revolutionize the treating of alcohol addiction in the UK and bring quality treatment available for everyone. The ContrAl Method has already been licensed to the US and Canada and the operations in America start in 2016.


Euformatics_logo w250 x h150Euformatics helps geneticists and clinicians in their use of NGS data for better personalised treatments. We do so by developing bioinformatics tools for genome data quality management and variant interpretation, essential in a molecular genetics setting for diagnostics. The omnomicsQ tool for internal quality control of NGS data covers all steps in the bioinformatics process including development, validation, monitoring, and accreditation, while additionally reporting on significant features of wet-lab workflows. The omnomicsNGS software is ideal for variant annotation and filtering in a clinical context and can operate as stand-alone, integrated into larger IT systems, or on the cloud.

Website:     Twitter: @Euformatics

FootBalance_logo w250 x h85FootBalance system is an award-winning company which has perfected a concept that analyses foot function and customises orthotics on-site at medical clinics at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional orthotic.

FootBalance medical orthotics correct foot disorders and increase patient well-being and comfort, allowing patients to rediscover the enjoyment of movement. FootBalance System will present and demonstrate a unique, fully integrated system which analyses the foot and produces custom orthotics. The system is available to a wide range of foot health professionals.

Website:     Twitter: @footbalance

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GoodLife Technology helps healthcare service providers to digitalize their services. One example of their work, PT Momentum, is a mobile application designed to bring exercises and workouts created by professionals directly to your pocket. It serves both physiotherapists and their customers to get better outcomes with reduced costs. The application reminds you and shows you how to exercise – it makes it easy for you to follow your personal exercise program. By following instructions and videos you can be sure you are doing your exercises correctly.

PT Momentum has been released in 18 countries in collaboration with PhysioTools – the global market leader in exercise software.

Website:     Twitter: @GoodLife_Tech

Helsinki_BiobankHelsinki Biobank is a public entity owned by three hospital districts in Southern Finland and the University of Helsinki, and operating at Helsinki University Hospital. The biobank’s catchment population is 1.8 million and 0.5 million patients visit its hospitals every year. Helsinki biobank holds several million samples from 1.4 million individuals, mostly tissue specimens collected as part of diagnostic routine. These specimens are linked with longitudinal and comprehensive electronic medical record information dating back from more than a decade. The biobank is fully integrated within hospital infrastructure enabling implementation of cost-effective clinical grade sample collection as part of everyday health care.

The recently-launched “consent all comers” approach aims to consent and collect a biobank sample from every patient visiting the hospital, thereby providing everyone the possibility to become a research patient. An important asset of the biobank is linkage to electronic medical records pool, a dataset including structured information from all major electronic records used at the hospital. The biobank is built in accordance with the modern Finnish biobank act, which emphasises professionality and secures sample donors’ rights but at the same time allows wide use of the samples and associated information for medical research both by academic researchers and private companies.

HUSHelsinki University Hospital is part of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. Hospital Districts in Finland are similar to hospital trusts in NHS. In addition to university hospital, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa also runs four regional hospitals. It has annual revenues of 2.0 billion euros, about 22 000 employees and 2.3 million patient visits. Helsinki University Hospital has some national responsibilities such as transplantation surgery and pediatric cardiology, which it provides also for Estonian patients.


Mendor-logo w250 x h63Mendor specialises in cloud-based and wireless solutions for better utilisation of blood glucose results in diabetes management. They enable individuals with diabetes to share mobile, real-time data with their healthcare professionals to improve the results, efficiency and efficacy of care. Mendor Balance is a secure cloud platform for storing, sharing and analysing blood glucose results in diabetes care. With real-time data received wirelessly from devices like Mendor Smart, a glucose meter with a built-in mobile data connection, Mendor Balance takes guiding patients and communicating with them to a new level.
Website:     Twitter: @mendor_com

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mfore is a Finnish health tech company focused on delivering mobile based patient engagement to improve service, delivery and outcomes in healthcare.

Patient Engagement Service (PES) is mfore’s mobile messaging – based patient engagement service which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare processes. It engages the patients outside the hospital setting, extending the service availability and access to healthcare beyond the visiting hours by delivering personalized information, services and support, and resulting in improved quality, access and availability of healthcare services.


Mobidiag_logo w250 x h36Mobidiag has developed novel technologies for improving the diagnostics of infectious diseases since 2000. The Amplidiag® product line encompasses innovative multiplex PCR diagnostic tests for gastrointestinal infections like Helicobacter pylori, Clostridium difficile, bacterial GE, viral GE, stool parasites and antibiotic resistance panel. The products use real-time PCR technology, ensuring optimal performance for high-volume screening. Mobidiag is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with a subsidiary in Paris, France.

Website:     Twitter: @Mobidiag

kaikubynetmedi_logo w250 x 150NetMedi is a Finnish health technology company and developer of the Kaiku® Health platform. NetMedi strives to be the leading digital solution provider for data-driven, personalized healthcare. Kaiku® Health collects and analyses patient-reported outcomes during cancer treatment and recovery. Kaiku® Health is the patient’s individual guide through cancer treatment and recovery, and a real-time dashboard that allows the nurses and doctors to improve outcome-driven care by providing up-to-date patient data. The platform enables secure communication online between patients and the care team.

Website:    Twitter: @kaikuhealth

NurseBuddy w250 x h45NurseBuddy enables home care providers to focus on delivering high quality, cost-effective home care. We do this by providing cloud-based care management software.
Care coordinators manage the business services from a secure computer or tablet while care workers report live from client visits with the dedicated smartphone mobile app.

Website:     Twitter: @Nurse_buddy

NewIcon_logo w250 x h83NewIcon focuses 100% on medicine automation: next-generation storage and retrieval systems, automated medicine cabinets and compounding robots for intravenous medicines. All our innovative products are developed in-house in conjunction with our clients. NewIcon is a market leader in Finland and now it is investing in significant growth and sales expansion, particularly in the UK. Products include FIXU storage and retrieval systems,  eMED ICON automated medicine cabinets, and IV ICON Twins compounding robots for intravenous antibitiocs.


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Ocuspecto Oy is a Finnish medical technology company developing and marketing novel medical devices for the examination of the neuro-visual system. Ocusweep® functional vision testing system enables testing of how the person really sees and therefore helps eye health professionals to understand how changes in patient vision impact patient’s ability to manage at work or in everyday life. It assesses the functioning of the whole visual system – from the eye to the visual processing in the brain – including the efficacy of the eye movements.

Website:     Twitter: @Ocuspecto

OrionDiagnostica_logo w250 x h100Orion Diagnostica develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests and test solutions. Our focus is in accurate and affordable clinical diagnostic and hygiene monitoring tests, which are easy to use and provide fast results. The company has over 40 years’ experience in diagnostic test systems for doctor’s offices, healthcare centers and laboratories. The test systems are designed to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing, making appropriate treatment decisions, and following up treatment response.
Orion Diagnostica is part of Orion Group, the leading healthcare company in Finland. QuikRead go® offers reliable results in minutes for CRP, CRP+Hb, Strep A and iFOBT. QuikRead go CRP is the fastest point-of care test for measuring C-reactive protein. CRP is very useful in targeting antibiotic use correctly and thus helping to reduce the growth of antibiotic resistance, one of the most serious healthcare concerns today. Our newest test platform, Orion GenRead®, for rapid and reliable pathogen detection, is built on an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology, SIBA®.


oululogo w250 x h169OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. OuluHealth Lab services are provided by regions top organisations, such as Oulu University Hospital, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and City of Oulu’s Health and Social Care Services.

Website:     Twitter: @OuluHealth

PalkoInteractive-MOI_logo w250 x h93MOI navi from Palko Interactive is complete solution for self-service wayfinding in complex hospitals and health care centres. It serves patients, visitors and professionals, showing routes to their destination or appointment in a digital map, and can work either fully automatically or in response to user selections. It  is centrally managed from a cloud based administrator tool without need for special skills or coding, and can also be used to improve maintenance of traditional signs. The system can send clear visual instructions on where to arrive, provide personal routes to appointments, and provide wayfinding info to visitors who are already in the building, resulting in lower costs, reduced patient stress and confusion, and less risk of delays in appointments. It works across mobile devices, web, self registration kiosks, info touchscreens, digital signage screens and traditional printed signs.

Website:     Twitter: @PalkoInteractiv

SITRA_BLACKSitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, is a public fund aimed at building a successful Finland for tomorrow. It reports directly to the Finnish Parliament. Sitra’s operations are guided by a vision of Finland as a leader in sustainable well-being, i.e. shared by people, the environment and the economy. The strategy includes developing new ideas of what the good life is, finding operational models that build a new kind of society, and boosting sustainable business operations.

Website:     Twitter: @SitraFund

PienipiiriCIRCLY_Logo h250 x h150Pieni piiri develops Circly, the simple mobile application for elderly people to connect with their families, peers and care services. Attendo, the leading company within health care in the Nordics, uses Circly for virtual home care visits. The virtual visits can reduce annual home care costs by up to €14,000 per customer.


Vivago_logo w250 x h75Vivago develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. The innovative solutions cover the whole chain of care from home care to assisted living, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation. Vivago’s solutions increase the feeling of safety with automatic alarms and by providing wide range of wellbeing information to support daily care and to follow-up the effectiveness of care. Real-time notifications inform about changes in the person’s wellbeing enable care providers to focus on individual care. Wellbeing information can also be shared with relatives. Vivago’s unique solutions are patented and have been awarded with several international recognitions. The high-quality products are manufactured in Finland.

Website:     Twitter: @VivagoGlobal

BCplatforms_logo w250 x h71BC Platforms provides powerful genomic data management solutions to address some of the biggest healthcare challenges by leveraging the convergence of genomics and IT. Integration to the hospital’s genomic core services provides clinicians with direct access to pathogenicity reports of patient’s genomic variants, and reiteration of genomic annotations without collection of new physical samples. Genomic data can be used in risk score and prediction models together with available data from the EHR HL7 messaging system. Accumulating genomic data is a valuable resource for periodic re evaluation, when existing knowledge of pathogenicity changes. BC Platforms’ solution becomes part of the hospital core IT, and serves genetic counselors, clinicians, and NGS service providers.

BCBmedical_logo w250 x h132BCB Medical is a provider of pioneering information systems to the healthcare sector. Our clinical pathway systems are designed to assist doctors and nursing staff in their everyday management of clinical pathways for the benefit of their patients. We serve as your guide in the world of information management and bring a strong trio of support to clinical pathway implementation: efficiency improvement, treatment quality and effectiveness follow-up, and comparability of medical information. Our treatment chain management solutions are designed and built around the specific needs of the customer in co-operation with leading medical specialists. We bring efficiency, follow-up of treatment quality and effectiveness, and information comparability to clinical pathway management.


Brainshake-logo w250 x h150Brainshake is a science-based blood testing company bringing extensive biological data to routine healthcare. With its technology, the company’s aim is to replace reactive healthcare in chronic diseases. Brainshake provides blood testing service globally to customers in medical research, and is entering the European clinical market in 2016. Brainshake’s service brings over 220 metabolic biomarkers from a single blood sample. The biomarkers have strong biological relevance to many chronic diseases, such as CVD and diabetes. For healthcare professionals, Brainshake provides a tool for decision support, risk prediction, and assessment of impact of care in chronic diseases.

Website:     Twitter: @BrainshakeLtd

fastroi_logoFastROI provides mobile ERP and client data systems for the domiciliary care and nursing sectors. Our easy-to-use RTC® mobile application shows employees all necessary information on upcoming visits for the day, and it also enables employees to document a visit directly into the system. With FastROI RTC® solutions, our customers have achieved 25-30 % cost and time savings in their daily routines.

Website:     Twitter: @FastROI_Ltd

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