New Care Models workshops

The “vanguard” areas developing new models of care in line with the NHS Five Year Forward View have been working throughout the past year to deliver sustainable new ways of working collaboratively for improved patient outcomes. National and regional leaders were invited to present a series of 45-minute workshops in the pop-up university.

How Community pharmacy can support the STP and Vanguard programs

Led by Alliance Boots

Speakers: Garwyn Morris, Senior Manager External Partnerships (South and Wales) at Boots UK; and Salma Iqbal, Senior Manager External Partnerships (North) at Boots UK

With all the various STP and vanguard programs, how will you involve and integrate community pharmacy to benefit patients and improve the capacity and efficiency in the NHS?

Pharmacy working together to put Lord Carter’s recommendations into practice

Led by Alliance Boots

Speakers: Jackie Buxton, Senior Manager External Partnerships (Midlands & East) at Boots UK; and Salma Iqbal, Senior Manager External Partnerships (North) at Boots UK

Following the NHS Five Year Forward View, Lord Carter of Coles reported that ‘£3bn could be saved from improved hospital pharmacy, medicines optimisation, estates and procurement management.’

In hospital pharmacy, the more time pharmacists spend on clinical services, rather than infrastructure or back-office services, the more likely medicines use is optimised. There are many areas within infrastructure which can be delivered by community and hospital pharmacy working together to benefit patient care and improve operational productivity and performance.

Areas include examples of dispensing, supply, homecare and discharge. The session includes successes, challenges and potential future developments.

Values based leadership: leading the delivery of a new care model

Speaker: Debbie Sorkin, National Director of Systems Leadership at the Leadership Centre

This session will use the experience of vanguards to examine values based systems leadership, and its role in delivering a new model of care. Vanguards will describe their approach to creating and nurturing systems leadership between care professionals, managers and communities who work across organisational boundaries. In particular participants will have the opportunity to explore how vanguards overcame common challenges such as resolving conflict, managing risk and sustaining a shared vision of care.

Empowering people and strengthening communities – making better use of your assets

Speaker: Anu Singh, Director of Patient and Public Participation at NHS England

Featuring vanguards who have committed to working together with people and communities, this workshop will offer a variety of perspectives. It will allow participants to understand how different vanguards are working to empower people in their own health and care and build confident, connected and resilient communities. This is about working differently and delivering a new model of care based on partnership and co-production. It comes with significant opportunities and challenges.  This workshop will offer a chance to see how vanguards are putting this agenda into practice and will share key learning and outcomes.

Transition to a new care model

Speakers: Altogether Better Dudley vanguard and the South Somerset Symphony Programme vanguard

This session explores the system design journeys of two vanguards as they implement plans to deliver better health outcomes in Dudley and Somerset.

All Together Better Dudley vanguard (@ATBDudley) will share reflections on their progress. This will include how the commissioner has approached the challenges of securing engagement, preparing a service specification and whole population budget and realising system benefits.

South Somerset Symphony Programme vanguard (@SymphonyProj) will share their insight as a provider group who have been innovative in their approach to formalising a primary and acute care partnership and collaboration across the health and social care economy.

Evaluation – the 4 Ms: models, measures, monitoring and methods

Speaker: Professor Nick Harding OBE, chair of the new care models evaluation and metrics oversight group

This session will focus on evaluation, in particular looking at logic models and measurement. Using the real life experience of new care model vanguards, participants will be guided through an interactive session which will include: planning an evaluation (including understanding more about the development and value of logic models); how to identify the right measures to monitor in order make evaluation most meaningful; and the practicalities of collecting and synthesising different types of evidence. Participants will leave the session with a much better understanding of the value of evaluation for improving services at a local and national level.

New care model frameworks: multispecialty community providers (MCP), integrated primary and acute care systems (PACS) and enhanced health in care homes (EHCH)

Speaker: Samantha Jones, Director of New Care Models at NHS England

This session will examine the core components needed to become an MCP, PACS or EHCH care model and explore the system change needed to deliver these new care models.

Vanguards from each care model type will talk about their experiences, focusing on explaining the core components of their particular model and the elements which need to be in place to establish a new care model. They will also share their approach to population health management and highlight the importance of putting the correct elements in place to facilitate commissioning these new models of care.

Data driven population health – using data to improve health outcomes

Speaker: Dr Geraint Lewis, Chief Data Officer, NHS England

This session will explore the sharing of information and innovative uses of data by vanguards within the new care models programme. Delegates will learn first-hand from the vanguards leading in this area, how population health data can be effectively used to improve the health outcomes for local populations. The panel will share best practice by discussing their experiences, highlighting challenges and strategies for overcoming them and highlighting lessons learned.

Staff engagement and reshaping the health and social care workforce: increasing staff satisfaction at a time of transformational change

Speaker: Candace Imison, Director of Policy, at Nuffield Trust

This session will use the words of staff to explore two different examples of how vanguards are reshaping their workforce by developing existing roles and creating new ones. Delegates will learn more about how engaging with staff in both health and social care is helping to achieve workforce transformation, increased participation in teams and empowering staff to work differently to enhance the care and experience of patients and their families.

Delegates should leave with a sense of the compelling case for this approach and thoughts about what they can take away and use to enhance the working lives of their own staff while delivering transformational change.

Partnership working – working together with local authorities to make change happen

Speaker: Antony Tiernan, Director of Engagement and Communications for the New Care Models Programme at NHS England

This session will focus on how the local health system can work with local government more effectively. It will look at understanding statutory responsibilities and developing a partnership approach to improving local health and care systems, with vanguards giving their insights into how they have successfully entered into new arrangements with local government partners to remove obstacles in the way of making improvements for patients and local people.

Participants will be helped to reach a better understanding of how to overcome the challenges of working across organisations to deliver change, through ways of working together, strategies to enhance relationships and influence partners, and practical tips for maintaining effective partnership working through change.