Views on Expo 2016

Many of those who attended Expo 2016 took the opportunity to tell us about their experiences in additional comments to our feedback survey:

Commissioning Manager, NHS: “I found it truly interesting and inspiring.  The range of innovation in the market is exciting, and I look forward to a future in which these innovations are commonplace and part of everyday business.”

Consultant Vascular Surgeon, NHS “An enthralling glimpse into the digital future of health care. Well worth visiting if you possibly can.”

Exhibitor, private sector: “We were attracted to this event due to the calibre of speakers and delegates who were attending. I would recommend this event to any organisation looking at learning more about the current and future innovations of healthcare.  It’s a great place to build relationships with other companies and to better understand the challenges in healthcare.  Thank you again!”

Senior manager, Department of Health: “Expo is the most optimistic of the major health conferences, it really feels like a “can-do” crowd and people think real change can come from innovation and commitment.”

Director, private care provider: “Expo provides the opportunity to hear from senior NHS leaders who shape the developments in services combined with the powerful voices of those who use the services and the staff who work across a whole range of clinical areas. Inspiration can come from hearing from areas totally unrelated to your own but which resonate with issues you are working on and the energy of the NHS collective keeps you motivated and enthused despite the challenges we all face”

Manager, NHS provider: “I came away from Expo absolutely buzzing.  It always opens my mind and gives me the time and space to investigate the innovative things that are going out there, that we can use or adapt.  Above all it was a fantastic networking opportunity, and great to catch up with colleagues.”

Patient representative: “I got to direct a question to the Secretary of Health and I feel he was sincere in his response and look forward to hearing from his office. As a service user representative it was nice to be able to see what the future holds.  Times are changing and by seeing some of the changes fills me with hope.”

Chief Executive, voluntary sector: “The go-to event in health and social care – as an organisation we make this our priority each year.”

Innovation Analyst, NHS provider: “Its a great opportunity to meet and learn from professionals from all different facets of the health care space. From NHS staff to private companies to patients. It can often be hard to find good examples of best practice and  to learn from others, this event is a great way to capture good ideas in one place.”

Student doctor: “It was much better than others I have attended. It allowed professional discussion and idea generation in a variety of different settings, and I came away with positive feelings about the future.”

Patient representative: “Expo is an incredible conference for anyone with an interest in the NHS and its future ventures or who wishes to present an idea or concept! It was a thoroughly enjoyable two days and was a great networking opportunity for all.”

Partnership Manager, voluntary sector: “Expo is an excellent opportunity to share good practice and promote new ways of working that ultimately leads to providing better health care systems for communities.”